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About Us

About Us


*Our patients deserve only the best! We offer high-quality dental care to help you reach all of your smile goals!

*Our commitment to excellence encompasses a wide range of preventative, diagnostic, and restorative services for the whole family performed in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.


*We have individual treatment rooms - no open bay dentistry for improved patient privacy.

*Emergency patients and walk-ins are always welcome.

*We've offered Botox and Juvederm since 2012 to help treat TMJ, reduce the effects of aging, and accentuate the lips to give them additional fullness. 

*Do you have anxiety or fear of dental offices?  Music, television, nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedation are provided to help minimize those anxieties.

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Our Services







Botox injections are shots that use a toxin to prevent a muscle from moving for a limited time. These shots are often used to smooth wrinkles on the face and to treat Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

A high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, which is applied by a syringe. A hydrogen peroxide combined with a high-intensity light, like a LED. The light is applied by a lamp device that sits directly outside of your mouth.



      Take Home
  Bleaching Trays


Custom made trays are made to help hold a high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel against the teeth to help remove unwanted stains and to brighten your smile.


Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. These people routinely wake up throughout the night in order to resume breathing and experience very poor quality sleep. Common symptoms include snoring, frequent awakening during sleep, chronic fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Left untreated, sleep apnea can result in serious medical problems.  To determine if a dental appliance is the best option for treatment please consult your physician for an evaluation of your sleep and breathing issues.

Oral Surgery

Fixed Appliances


Teeth that can not be restored due to fractures, decay, periodontal issues, recurrent infection, orthodontic reasons, or even impaction likely need to be pulled.  Prior to extraction, we will discuss replacement options if the right circumstance exists.  

Palliative Care

Fillings can fall out or teeth can fracture leading to pain or food impaction.  We're equipped to take care of issues on the spot to alleviate this pain and discomfort.

Soft Tissue Swelling

Teeth that are badly infected due to gum and bone disease or infection in the teeth or bone can cause soft tissue swelling or bone expansion.  We will determine the cause of the infection and select the appropriate treatment to alleviate the swelling and pain.


Years of Experience


Happy Staff

Our Dentists

Our Dentist

Dr. Jerry McManigal

Dr. McManigal grew up in Tekamah, Nebraska.  He is a United States Air Force veteran.  He retired from the military with honors in 2003 after serving 16 of his 20 years at Ehrling Bergquist Hospital, Offutt AFB, NE.  He earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, his undergraduate degree in Cytotechnology from New York State University-Albany, New York and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Creighton University School of Dentistry.

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Our Staff

Shelley Bergmann
Shelley Bergmann

Office Manager

Rachel Osburn
Rachel Osburn

Insurance Coordinator

Molly Yeaman
Molly Yeaman

Dental Assistant

JJ St. Cyr
JJ St. Cyr

Dental Assistant

Happy Patients

Happy Patients

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This is absolutely the best dentistry office I have ever had experience with in my entire life. The entire staff is genuine in commitment to their work and I have always been treated with the utmost compassion and respect. They always take the time to make sure I am comfortable and my needs are being met. I can’t say enough good about Dr. McManigal! He’s amazing, talented and excellent in his care and attention to his patients. Thank you all for the job you do and your dedication to your profession!!

Susie K.

McManigal Family Dentistry provides the best dental care I have ever experienced!  Shelley always makes you feel right at home immediately when you walk in the door, and the professionalism and friendliness of the entire dental team is outstanding.  Dr. Jerry McManigal is the best dentist that has ever worked on my teeth!  I have a complicated bite which has required a lot of corrective dental work over the years and now my teeth are breaking down.  Dr. McManigal has corrected so many of my issues with cosmetic dentistry over the past 7 years and I feel like I can smile again!  His calm and caring demeanor combined with his extensive knowledge in his field helps build trust and confidence in his work and makes the entire process less intimidating than with other dental care providers.  I am so thankful for the cosmetic work he did on my front teeth which had a bad bite and tetracycline staining.  I smiled with my mouth closed for almost 40 years to hide my bite and now I love showing off my beautiful new smile!  Thank you!

Beth M.

I started seeing Dr McManigal a couple years ago, I am not the best person to go to the Dentist have had a lot of bad experiences in the past.
Dr McManigal and his staff are AWESOME!!!! My husband, daughter and grandsons all go to him and we wouldn't go anyone else.
The professionalism of Dr McManigal, Shelley his office manager and the rest of his staff is phenomenal.
I have had a couple dental emergencies, Shelley has always gotten me in the same day!
I highly recommend McManigal Family for all of your dental needs.

Suzanne S.

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Contact Us

Contact Us


Emergencies Text or leave a voice message




13518 West Center Road

Omaha, NE 68144


NDX Kiess Kraft
6601 South 118th Street, Omaha, NE
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